Artist Statement


My work deals with observing, listening and feeling. Nature and the organic forms are the subject matter that I draw and paint. It is an intuitive process that requires me being in the present moment, a meditation with pencil and paintbrush.


A personal relationship with nature as a living being is what inspires my artwork.There is a piece of wildness alive in me that connects with this vital primal life force. The work tells the story about the power of spirit and the magic of healing that I have experienced through this connection. My intention is that the force of life is in each piece.


The Condor and Hummingbird work in particular is influenced by my study of the Incan spiritual medicine traditions. My intention is to pass my experience through the feeling of the work using marks, color, gesture, and movement .


Content has always been a main focus for me in my work and the healing essence of nature in its many forms has become that content.


The work is painted both outside on site and in the studio using oil on canvas or graphite on paper.